Linh tinh

Kurt Hummel

Love is a miracle, but not always smooth. Even the happiest couples fight sometimes. However, if you find your true love, all problems are worth. The point is, not everybody may find their true love. Some people love only once since its their true love. Some other people spend their entire life without a true love, not even once. This “finding true love” thing is much more difficult for gays and lesbians.

I love Kurt Hummel, first of all for his look. He is not handsome. He looks so gay, but cute. His smile is warm and open. No matter he cries or laughs, glooms or smiles, he always makes my heart skip a beat.

The second thing I love about him is his voice. He has such a wonderful voice, which is much greater when he sings. Listening to him sing has become my hobby these days. It makes me happier and … free.

Kurt is gay, which made him bullied in first two years in high school. He was a loser in his schoolmates’ eyes. Even his fellow in Glee club did not stand up for him, or at least, cared for him. He had to suffer so much, all alone. And the reason was that the bullying boy was afraid that he might be gay that he had to bully Kurt to deny his true self. He was such a coward.

However, despite all those miserable experiences, Kurt is a lucky person since he finds his true love, in the end. A person who loves him with all his soul even if his mind and his body are not aware of that. A person who changes his whole life, for Kurt.

They have their hard times like any other couples. They fight, they even break up, but in the end, they still get back together. They are meant to be. That person even proposes to Kurt when he has not left the school yet. He makes such a wonderful proposal that no one can say no.

They are both young, not reaching their 20 yet. Nobody knows what shall happen in the future. Whether they have a happy ending forever and ever after is still a mystery. But, for now, I am so happy for them. I adore their love and bond.

The story is going on. Let see and support them through all ups and downs.


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